Earthly Colors

August 20, 2016 Petaluma, CA
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Come celebrate the hidden colors of the earth! Learn the fundamentals of processing, extracting, and applying plant-based dyes. Karen Hess is an artist and designer of hand-dyed yarn, clothing and accessories, and sources the dyes herself from locally-grown plants and responsibly-foraged mushrooms.

Join us for an exciting journey into natural dyeing. We will work with several local plants, including Ironbark Eucalyptus, which produces a range of warm golden to a deep burnt orange colors depending on various factors, including the weather! Learn the secrets to extracting nature’s hues, and explore the fascinating (and at times surprising) range of color hidden in our area’s dye plants. We will provide materials for dyeing. Please bring a bag lunch, gloves, and wear old clothes. Expect to leave the class with an insatiable curiosity for natural dye.

Earthly Colors is part of a workshop series brought to you by Daily Acts. Sign up here to learn about natural dyes with Karen.