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Join me at the Fibershed Climate Beneficial Fashion Gala 2017

The Idea Stage: sketching ideas for color and design

This coming Fall, I’m fortunate to be one of the fashion designers creating local, climate beneficial clothing in the Fibershed Climate Beneficial Fashion Gala.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been into fashion design, and I was an award winning designer at my university fashion shows, including best collection one year. But the vibe of the fashion industry at the time didn’t ultimately attract me.

It wasn’t until recently, with the advent of the niche market possibilities on the internet that I delved back into it, slowly creating my label, local dialect, with an emphasis on the special, regional aspects of fiber and color. I was finally able to make things that communicated directly from my place, whether because of fiber or color or both. It’s been an enlightening journey attempting to make purely local products, with the conclusion that it’s the goal but not always completely possible as yet. But the path is opening. And it’s why I’m so grateful to be a part of this show.

I’ll be designing and making clothing crafted from regionally grown and processed fiber, dyed with locally grown dyes using all local labor. There are limited materials to work with right now, but they are beautiful materials, and they actually exist, where a few years ago, they did not. With the focused efforts of Rebecca Burgess, who began the Fibershed movement, and all the producers and participants, we now have regionally produced—and climate beneficial—yarns and fabrics, with more to come in the transitional pipeline. To read more about what climate beneficial is, go here.

Right now, I’m sketching a bunch of ideas and trying out different fibers and colors to see what will be fashionable and fun, all while being as local as it gets. I’ll keep you updated on my process!

Fibershed Climate Beneficial Fashion Gala
September 23, 2017 4-8pm
Big Mesa Farmstead, Bolinas, CA

For tickets to the Gala (I’d love to see you there!) go to Eventbrite


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