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Dyeing from the Heat—Solar Dyeing on the Solstice

FullSizeRender 24When it’s a week of scorching hot weather and it’s the longest, sunniest day of the year, what else to do but start a solar dyepot?

First, add filtered water to a glass jar along with one ounce of silk and one ounce of dried coreopsis flowers from last year’s garden. Then, leave it in the sun to see what happens. In my jar, right away, the silk became gold and it smelled so good. I’m going to leave it in for a few more days to see if it gets darker or if the flowers print on the fabric in some way from being all squished in there together.

You could also try this with any other dye plants or mushrooms, if you have other ones accessible. One summer all I did was solar dyes, from hollyhocks to lichens, and it was very doable.

Solar Coreopsis Dye Pot Recipe

1:1 flowers and fiber

Fill jar with enough water to submerge fiber

Add flowers

Let sit for an hour

Add silk or yarn

Let sit for as long as it takes to achieve a color you like. (A beautiful gold will happen within a day)




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