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How to Design Your Dye garden

fullsizerender-4So you’ve considered your dye plants and you’re ready to get started, but where should they go? Here is how to make an artistic and practical “blueprint” for your dye garden.

  1. Get out your colored pencils and some paper.
  2. Make a sketch of your space; include main sun and shade areas, any existing trees or plants and any other influencing factors.
  3. Spend some time in the space to get an idea of where your dye plants might look good and do well.
  4. Draw out a few sketches with your colored pencils to visualize where the plants might flourish, keeping in mind final sizes. Use colors that correspond to the colors of the leaves and flowers you will be planting.
  5. Consider irrigation needs.
  6. Finalize your sketch (not that it’s ever final!) and decide how many plants you will need to begin.
  7. Live with your sketch for a few weeks and make adjustments as desired.
  8. Jot notes on the edges, name the areas of the garden, make it fun.
  9. Anticipate planting! (When frost danger is over.)
  10. Don’t worry, it’s a work in progress!

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