5 To-Dos for the First Day of Spring

It’s Groundhog Day! This holiday was otherwise known as “Imbolc” by the Celts or “Saint Bridgit’s Day” in Ireland and Scotland. All are celebrated as the beginning of Spring. Ancient peoples also used the day for weather divination, to see if animals were emerging from their holes yet. This told them if winter weather was lasting much longer. This tradition could be the root of what we now call Groundhog Day. Take advantage of this auspicious day to tune in with nature’s rhythms and energies with some of the ideas below:

Early signs of Spring

Clean Your Home and Workspace

Creating new things and starting new habits is easier with a clean and organized workspace and home. Get a head start by clearing clutter and making space for the new. A.k.a. “Spring Cleaning.”

Reinvent Yourself. A Little.

Procure yourself some new clothes or jewelry with which to start the year. Try a new recipe and share it with friends and family or begin a new habit to continue this year.

Start Your Yearly Action Plan

Spring can be the perfect time to begin your resolutions and your plan of action for the year. After you’ve hibernated into Winter (just a bit!), you now have the wherewithal and presence of mind to get serious about your plan. Here are some transition tips. 

Celebrate Beginnings

It’s a brand new year of growth, new plants are starting their journey, so can you! Do something special to mark the season, begin learning a new skill or reconnect with friends.

Connect with a Place or Flora in Your Area

You have the opportunity to watch and connect with a place or plant throughout its entire seasonal cycle if you begin now. Find out more about a special place, a dye plant or a medicinal plan t in your area, or a location or tree you have always found beautiful.

I am working on new naturally dyed clothes and accessories for you, using some of the freshly emerging spring plants and previously emerged winter mushrooms. To keep an eye on my etsy store for those offerings, sign up on the local dialect newsletter for updates to the store and regular doses of inspiration.

Happy Spring!

Post your spring ideas with us on instagram! @localdialect #localdialectspring

An old oak by San Antonio Creek

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