3 Reasons to Not Make New Year’s Resolutions on January 1

Just cozying in and enjoying a dandelion coffee

1. It’s the Dead of Winter

Could there be a harder time for New Year’s resolutions? It’s hibernation time! We’ve just come through the midpoint of winter, the very darkest time of the year, and we want a fresh start – but now? Well, I don’t. I want to cozy up and relax and plan for Spring. I’m reading books, enjoying my family and having quiet coffee dates with friends. I’m also thinking about what dye plants I want to grow and use this coming year, what I want to make and share with my beautiful customers and just musing on all of these things without taking any action…yet. Try taking this restful time, like a few weeks, to reflect on what is is you want to accomplish, and then make some real plans.

2. Wait Until the Beginning of Spring for Action

Midsummer’s eve in June seems so far away, and as we just had Midwinter in December, that means March 21 is actually Midspring. Accordingly, February 2, known as Imbolc, the start of Spring in Celtic lore, or Groundhog Day, in our modern times, is the real start of Spring and it’s only weeks away. Think of February 2 as not only the beginning of Spring, but the beginning of the year as well. You’ll feel ready for new projects and habits then. By early February, the light is really coming back, green things are springing up from the ground, and you’ll be ready to launch new projects for real.

3. You Need to Connect Your Progress to the Seasons

When you begin new things in Spring, there are natural checkpoints throughout the year to see if you are on track. You can actually chart out where you want your progress to be by Summer, Fall, Winter, and next Spring. You can even coordinate your goals with the energy of the season, if that resonates for you. Like plants, some projects may hibernate for winter too, or spring back next year, or they may be evergreen.

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