reimagining art

Dyepot Series postcard set, available in the shop

About a year ago I began photographing the fascinating and etherial nature of the natural dye brews as the fibers and plants cooked together. A friend recently suggested I print the photos and share them in an art show she was curating, so I printed seven of them on metal and was excited when a bunch of them sold and people said they saw the same things in them that I did. I loved making art out of art, so next, Daedalus Howell and I co-curated a new exhibit featuring seven creative artists and their work.

The interactive art and postcard exhibit, Medium | Message | Mail is at the Mail Depot in Petaluma, CA until May 3rd, 2016. The show concept is a reimagination of the postcard, used to communicate artistically. There are seven participating artists. My photos of the natural dyepots are there, along with a set of postcards documenting the dye process. Daedalus Howell, the instigator and co-curator of the exhibit and a writer, created an interactive story on a set of postcards. Mike Garlington and Natalia Bertotti, together crafted ceramic postcards and a puzzle of one of their photos. Shannon Ferguson, along with his band, Breathing Canyon, performed at opening night and printed a postcard that is also a lathe-cut record that actually plays on a record player. Other artists include Trane DeVore, a photographer originally from Petaluma, who now lives in Japan, and DR Ferguson, who has a neo-noir take on the Petaluma landscape.

It was a lot of fun to take it a little outside the box with the concept, engaging the public and a variety of creatives—not just visual artists— to collaborate on this show. Opening night was a great success, thank you to everyone who attended and participated!

friends check out postcard sets at opening night
Breathing Canyon plays opening night

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